Irish Artist Blacksmith Association Forge-in

The Irish Artist Blacksmith Association (IABA) held their second Forge-In on the 8th of April, 2017. ACP had the chance to attend and record some of the activities. The day was hosted by Brendan St. John at his workshop in Drangan, Co. Tipperary. The forge-in was attended by members of IABA from all over the country.

A forge-in is a gathering of blacksmiths and interested people alike with the intention of sharing skills and knowledge. One of the main incentives for the event is to get more young people interested in this ancient craft which has a long and established history in Ireland.

The main focus of the day was hammer forging. Throughout the day all the smiths were busy forging all types of hammers using various techniques. By the end of the day there was quite a collection of finished hammer heads heat treated and ready for handles. Mark Wilson was busy demonstrating his superb coppersmithing skills and we also received an amazing lesson in horse shoe making by Jeremy Stanley.

Watch the video by clicking the image below.