New ACP Website

The entire team here at ACP is very proud to launch our brand new and improved website. Over the last year we have seen a lot of change for the better in the ACP camp. In line with our commitment to staff development five staff members travelled to Egypt on an educational tour in February and three staff members went to Germany on the CESBEM course on energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. 

We have also established a new laboratory/forge for testing, research and analysis of historic ironwork. 

We have been working diligently to update our old website which has served us well over the years however we felt it needed a new lease of life. The new site is streamlined for easier use with mobile devices as well as having some new features including:

We have a lot of exciting projects, practical and research based, currently underway which we look forward to keeping people up to date with. Every week we are faced with new and unique challenges when it comes to the repair and conservation of protected structures and recorded national monuments in an ever modernizing world. We feel that continued research and development of Ireland’s native traditional building crafts, materials and methods are essential in generating greater understanding and appreciation of our historic built environment.