Brewery Bar Ennis

Refurbishment of an 18th/19th Century retail premises with medieval walls and basement within the historic town of Ennis.

The Brewery Bar is set at a key location in O’Connell Square, at the centre of the historic town of Ennis. The building itself can be seen on hand-drawn cartographer’s maps dating from the 17th century. The Brewery Bar building has undergone many adjustments which has resulted in the building consisting of fabrics from many different time periods including Medieval walls, mid-to late 19th century architecture and a modern façade on the front of the building.

ACP undertook works to achieve an overall unified design treatment retaining the 19th century character of the building.

The basement of the Bar was of particular interest. Works were initially drawn up to solve flooding problems but upon further investigation, a filled-in basement was uncovered containing 18th/19th century ovens.

Much of the timber in the building was in very poor condition. All of the windows required replacement; however we managed to retain 75% of the original timber used in the roof.

The conservation of the Brewery Bar has allowed for a second bar to be opened on the first floor of the building and the preservation of the historic character of the building complex adds greatly to the Bar’s commercial viability.


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