Dundanion Court

Advise on Dundanion Court refurbishment to bring up to modern living standards as part of this project.

Dundanion Court was designed in 1964 (RIAI Silver Medal Winner 1968-70) and was completed in 1968. It consists of 36 identical two-storey terraced housing units of approx. 1200 sq.ft. Number 33, which was in almost original condition was refurbished and brought up to modern living standards as part of this project.

ACP were commissioned to work with Paul Redmond Architecture and to advise on the refurbishment of No 33, a 4 bedroomed dwelling which is a Protected Structure.

Modern standards of heating, insulation, M&E services, spatial layouts etc are different from what people expected in the 1960’s as their lives are different, their needs are different and also their expectations. For example a modern kitchen has a number of significant (essential) appliances such as dishwashers, fridge freezers etc almost unheard of when Dundanion was designed and to make No. 33 suitable for a modern family home it needs to take account of the changing needs and expectations of people.

The building has now been upgraded to modern living standards with the installation of mechanical and electrical services, insulation, new fitted kitchen and upstairs layout has been improved.

The existing original fabric in the building has been repaired and the character of the building has been restored by removing the modern PVC windows and replacing with timber windows to the design and style of what was originally there.


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