Limerick City Walls, Phase 2

Phase Two of works on Limerick City Walls consisted of urgent works to the Exchange Lane

Undertaken in 2009 with funding by the Heritage Council, Phase Two of works on Limerick City Walls consisted of urgent works to the Exchange Lane, Charlotte's Quay Car Park sections and clearance of the Irish Town section to allow surveying, which was not undertaken in the 2008 survey.

Exchange Lane

The stone facing on this part of the wall had been robbed, leaving the rubble core completely visible and modern concrete had also been used in an attempt to stabilise the wall. Test trenching by AEGIS Archaeology determined the depth of the foundation of the original wall and ACP designed a foundation solution. The wall was refaced using aged/weathered limestone supplied by Limerick City Council. The style of facing was based on a section of wall of similar age as no facing stone existed in Exchange Lane. The St. Saviour's wall section was chosen by AEGIS Archaeology and agreed with the National Monuments Section as being the appropriate style. The following works were undertaken:

Irish Town

This was a section of the wall located to the rear of a residential area which was overgrown with vegetation and used as a dump site. No survey was undertaken for the May 2008 report because of the unsafe condition of the area. These works will enable a full survey and inspection to be undertaken in 2010. The following works were carried out under the archaeological supervision of AEGIS Archaeology:

Charlotte's Quay Car Park

This portion consisted of two stretches of wall seperated by a gate opening within a car park. Works concentrated on the northern stretch of the section due to limited funding. For most of its length on both faces, the wall's facing stones were absent and core rubble was clearly visible. The following works were undertaken:


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