Historic Ironwork Consultancy

Across our towns, cities, rural countryside, in historic houses, farms, graveyards, there is a vast, undocumented, and probably little understood part of our heritage rusting away. With proper conservation this ironwork can be made viable for future gener

Historic Ironwork Consultancy

Why the need for this service?

This part of our unique heritage is in danger of completely disappearing because of;

Types of Historic Ironwork

There is a vast variety of Historic Ironwork including historic iron railings & gates, farm sheds/buildings, farm gates, balconies, verandas, staircases, fireplaces, memorials, grave-markers etc.

Wrought Iron vs Mild Steel

A common misconception is that modern Wrought Iron (mild steel mostly), is the same as Historic Wrought Iron. They are essentially completely different materials due to their chemical composition. Historic Wrought Iron requires specialist care and conservation/restoration.

Our Expertise

ACP's Director, David Humphreys, began training in traditional blacksmithing skills in 2010 under the tutelage of a Dutch Master Blacksmith. Simon Collins who manages ACP’s historic metal/ironwork consultancy service has undertaken specialist training in the UK on conserving historic metal/ironwork. David and Simon have undertaken research on historic ironwork in Ireland, project managed numerous restoration/repair projects, and they lecture on the subject.